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ProductPneumatic Cylinder

1. This is a special cylinder whose oil pressure is conveyed from air pressure. This pneumatic cylinder is appropriate to use in works that needs heavy pressure at the terminal portion of a cylinder movement such as in clamping, inscribing, riveting, and pressure molding. However, the heavy pressure applying length is 8 mm maximum from the start loading point regardless of the movable length.

2.For the extension or reduction of cylinder movement, please contact us


ABS-10 ABS-15 ABS-20 ABS-30 ABS-40
Output Power
3Ton 5Ton 10Ton 15Ton 20Ton 30Ton 40Ton
Pressured oil
1:20 1:21 1:25 1:25 1:27 1:31 1:32
Working Fluid
Pressured Air
Range of Operation Pressure
Inner Pressure
Inside Diameter of the Hydraulic Cylinder
白63 白80 白100 白125 白140 白160 白180

Note) 1. The output is of the usual operation pressure as 5kgf/妓
       2. Only Hydraulic Booster Cylinder Production is available.