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ProductPneumatic Cylinder
¤ıPort with side dose in the location which cushion valve is identical
¤ıNothing dil supply seal use
¤ıDulability improvement
¤ıWith magnet
¤ıWorking pressure : 1.0~9.0Kgf/§²
¤ı-10~70¡É Only there will not have to be freezing
¤ıImmediacy it use a safety device in the hazard cushion valve
¤ıAllowance of stroke length 0~250/251~1,000/1,001~1500
No Parts name Materials Remarks
1 Rod cover Alumium alloy  
2 Head cover Alumium alloy  
3 Cylinder tube Alumium alloy  
4 Piston rod S45C  
5 Pistion Alumium alloy  
6 Bash CU+OIL  
7 Cushion valve Brass  
8 Tie rod S10C  
9 Spring washer SCM4  
10 Tie rod nut S20C  
11 Wearing Acetal  
No parts
Mate Part No
40 50 63 80 100
12 Cushion Seal NBR CUW-20 CUW-25 CUW-25 CUW-30 CUW-35
13 Rod packing PDU-16Z PDU-20Z PDU-20Z PDU-25Z PDD-30Z
14 Piston packing PSD-40 PSD-50 PSD-63 PSD-80 PSD-100
15 Cushion Valve O-Ring P6
16 Tube O-Ring  
17 Piston O-Ring  
18 Magnet  
Type No oil supply
Working oil Air
Bearing pressure 15kgf/§²(1,500kPa)
Max. set pressure 9.9kgf/§²(990kPa)
Min. set pressure 0.5kgf/§²(50kPa)
Ambient temperature & disjointing temperature for working oil 5~60¡É

With Cushion

Screw tolerance Grade KSB0214
Allowance of stroke length ~250 / 251~1,000/ 1,001~1,500
Supportion of fittingg surface Basic Type ,Foot type, Rod-side flange type, Head-side flange type, Single thread cievs type, double thread cievs type
Cover Aluminum Paint
Tube Aluminum Hard alumite

Packing on Sliding Portion


Piston Rod




Auto Switch Type

Part Number India of tube
W-A54 S-04 40,50,63
S-08 80,100

No tation
Material off bellows Max, ambient Tem
J Nyin Tauplin 60¡É
K Neoprence cross *100¡É
Note) It is the optimum ambient temperature that Bellows
Co maintains
Supporting type fitting surface Basic type Foottype Rod-side flange type Head-side flange type Single thread clevis type Double thread clevis type Center-side trunnion type
Standard Rod-end nut
Pin for CLEVIS
Option Single knuckle joint
Double knuckle joint
(Inclucing Pin)